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>> astronomer. >> he's just a magician. >> thank you very much. you can always follow what's going on here in "the situation room" on twitter, tweet me @wolfblitzer. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, a monster blizzard slamming the northeast. starting in new york, it's going to be feet, not inches, of snow. plus we're going to go to boston which has been getting pummeled throughout the day. there have been dramatic and draconian actions with the governor saying you're going to go to jail if you're out driving your car. we've got information about the suspected cop killer in los angeles tonight. we have exclusive video of the suspect as he was training to shoot guns. let's go "outfront." good evening.
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i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, an historic blizzard is slamming the northeast as i speak. we're expecting up to 3 inches of snow accumulating an hour, which is incredibly quick. it's been slow coming here to new york. the accumulation will be dramatic and severe. the snow fell the last blizzard in this city was 2011, 20 inches of snow. we'll see if this will set a record overnight. to give you an idea how big this storm is, how many states are affected tonight, this is a picture from nasa that we're looking at. you can see the storm right now stretches all the way north up in maine all the way down to the mid-atlantic and new jersey. there are near whiteout conditions across the northeast and i am in new york city where the mayor is warning the storm is unpredictable, he's been instruct is everyone to stay inside though there are a lot of the people out tonight. pictures of destruction from superstorm sandy are fresh in his mind and the mind of many people in the new york city area. new york city police commissioner ray kelly is here with me. we'll be talking in just a moment. we want to go to the north first and new england which has been
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getting pummeled through the day. this is one of the ten biggest storms in history. in boston right now, already breaking the record of 27 inches which was set ten years ago back in 2003. and that is the fear that made massachusetts governor duvall patrick to take drastic action. he said, if you are on the road driving after 4:00 this afternoon, you could face a year in jail. a significant step to make. "outfront," jason carroll, he's live in boston. ali velshi is live. jason, it has been a pretty incredible day there. and record snowfall throughout. what's it been like? >> well, i have to tell you, erin, condition here in boston are frankly miserable. it's a kind of icy snow that's been blowing around in your face. and just to give you an idea the condition of snow, earlier today it was very sticky. it's starting to become much more powdery now.
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that's going to make conditions worse. when you have powdery snow blowing around with strong wind gusts that we're experiencing, in fact, at logan airport, they clocked 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. when you have that powdery snow blowing around like that, the wind, the conditions, the conditions in terms of visibility become very, very difficult. so that's what we're experiencing now in boston. as you say, the city and the state doing what they can to keep people off the streets. the governor signing that action making it illegal to be out on the roads unless you're in an emergency vehicle. and that certainly has helped. as we were out we saw little people on the streets. this is a secondary street here in south boston. it's the primary streets that will be plowed first. streets like this second. although we did see some plows out here earlier today. and that's certainly a good indication that the city has things under control, at least at this point. we were told from city officials that they had at least 4,000 pieces of equipment out to man
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streets like this one and other streets as well. and in addition to that, you've got some 5,000 members of the national guard on standby just in case. so the conditions here in boston at this hour are bad. they are sure to get even worse as the hours move on. erin? >> drivers have been ordered i know to stay off the streets as we were saying, governor patrick saying if you're on the roads in boston after 4:00 in the afternoon, you could face up to a year in jail. are people heeding that warning? >> a year in jail, or a $500 fine. and so far, so far we've seen very little traffic out here. you can see the street, we've seen absolutely nothing for the past hour. maybe we saw one passenger car on the way out to this location, one or two vehicles. for the most part, people seem to be heeding the warning and staying inside. we spoke to some people who are not far from here. they're doing what a lot of people are doing, then set out early, bought their supplies, bought their groceries, now
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hunkering down for the storm. >> thanks very much, jason carroll. we'll check in with jason later on in the hour. i want to go to ali velshi in dennisport, massachusetts. what's it like there? >> whatever jason's getting, we've had. i can tell him it's going to get worse. it's gotten colder in the last half hour. these icy snowflakes have gotten vicious. let me tell you where i am. i'm on the south side of cape cod. that is south. chatham, if you know cape cod, the bottom corner of cape cod is east, about 30 miles east of me. jason is over there. this storm is going that way to him and it is changing in personality. the wind is whipping up. a few miles east of here, hyannis airport is recording 25-mile-an-hour sustain winds. that's sustained but gusts are coming through and you can see them coming in. come over for a second to over here. this is the beach. last night's tide came up to here. now, we are at 7:00, high tide's
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going to be about 10:00. you can see the surf getting very rough over here. here's the combination of the problems that we've got right to you. one wave of this storm has come through, chad can explain better why this is such a biting wind. the storm's out there. it's going to be three or four hours before it gets as close as it's going to do land. at that point, we're going to be at high tide or we'll have just come off of high tide so the water will be a lot closer. it will be something of a surge. we'll start to see power outages. where we are we've seen the lights flicker as trees start to go down and take power lines with them. folks here are dealing with this wind. they're dealing with cold temperatures. they're dealing with power out ans. we are in massachusetts so you can't drive in connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts. you need to be home. at least there's nobody sightseeing, it's too cold, it's too biting to be doing that. this is what jason's going to get in not too long from here, erin. >> you mentioned flooding and how bad it's been.
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have you been seeing anything near those buildings? >> no. because again, we're not -- we're too many hours away from high tide. the issue's going to be if this thing gets bad between 10:00 and midnight, they're expecting coastal flooding around here. all the way down the coast of massachusetts, all the way into new york, coastal flooding warnings. so we're a little bit worried about that. but that's going to have to do with the timing before the storm comes in versus how high the tide is. as i said, high tide's expected here around 9:45 or so tonight. we're not expecting the peak of the storm probably until about midnight or so. there are warnings about flooding, in fact, as i'm watching cnn here, it's interrupted by weather alerts from the national weather service to warn, in addition to the other warnings they've got, about a coastal flooding alert. this area is in that red zone of coastal flooding alerts, erin. >> thank you very much, we'll check in with ali as well. i want to move to providence, rhode island, in the main belt of the storm throughout much of
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the day. as you can see in new york, the storm is hitting in the next couple of hours. not the case to the north, in providence. poppy harlow is there. >> erin, the big problem here is how thick, how wet, this snow is. you heard from ali, jason. thick, wet snow is landing on power lines and that is exactly what the governor here told me he is so worried about. the m the mayor, they're concerned at winds pick up, we're less than a mile from the water. as it picks up they're worried about massive power outages. we have huge snow accumulation here. we drove up here. let me show you shots of our drive up here, i-95 up from new york here. we saw numerous, big, severe accidents. tractor-trailers jack-knifed. we saw one semi that had tipped off the side of the highway. that was hours ago. so what they've done here as well, taken those extraordinary
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actions, closed all of i-95 through massachusetts, through connecticut, and through rhode island. as of 5:00 eastern here, it was illegal, just like you heard from jason, for any cars to be on the road except for emergency vehicles. so what are they doing about it? you see the plows out here already. about ten of them just passed by me. i had a chance just before your show to go into the emergency command center. basically ground zero where they're keeping an eye on the storm. and we can show you what that was like. they have people there 24/7, they walked around, they have trackers now on all of the snowplows in rhode island. they can see where they're going, how they're helping people, where they're getting stuck. and in addition using every single emergency vehicle in rhode island. they have hired all of the contractors they can to help take care of this storm. i know you're going to talk to the mayor a little bit later, erin. it's getting significantly worse here by the minute. >> all right, thank you very much, poppy harlow. as we watch the storm approach,
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blizzard conditions here in new york city where i'm standing as well. it's because of the heavy snow and strong winds the city's mayor michael bloomberg has urged new yorkers to pack it up and get home early. >> you can't take nature too lightly. hopefully it won't be anything drastic and it's certainly not going to be a hurricane sandy. but that doesn't mean you can't get badly hurt or killed if you're not careful. and help others. >> all right, joining me "outfront" is new york city's police commissioner ray kelly. commissioner, good to see you again. last time i saw you was on the night of hurricane sandy. >> i remember it well. >> yeah. that was a frightening night in a lot of ways. are you ready for this storm? obviously right now it's just starting here but the accumulation could be significant and historic. >> yeah, i think we're prepared. you heard the mayor give his briefing today. so far, so good. the snow is light but obviously we anticipate it getting heavier the next two to five hours. >> it comes a few months after hurricane sandy. the city has not fully
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recovered. parts of the city, people are still not back in their homes, they don't have power, there's still a lot of problems. are there going to be significant power outages? it seems everyone was afraid of that. gas lines, all those horrible scenes the country remembers from sandy are happening again. >> obviously we don't think it will be anything close to sandy, but we're prepared for additional resources. the police, fire department, all resources in those sandy-impacted areas. coney island, rockaway, staten island. we have boats positioned for flooding, there's been concern about flooding in the western part of long island sound. they're prepared. again, so far it's pretty light. but we're ready for it. >> it's light but it could get heavier and it's expected to. you were thinking it might be even worse by now. broadway is still however lights on. people are out and about. >> right. >> in boston, you go to jail for a year if you're out driving. >> this is much better than boston, obviously, looking at the television.
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>> would you ever do something like that? in new york? or did they overreact? >> it depends on the situation. i don't know what's going on up there. >> new yorkers would ignore you but that's a separate issue. >> you know, we would prefer that people not drive, clearly, the mayor said that today, want people to stay home. our police officers are working toward the possibility of whiteouts here, 50-mile-an-hour winds. we have our police cars with lights on. so we've done everything we reasonably can to prepare for this. >> were you surprised when you heard that, though, a year of jail time? >> hey, you have to do what you have to do. >> look at how careful you're being. i want to say, so many people have been complaining there has been no snow. we'll have been talking about climate change, there was no snow last year. here we are. it brought to memory some of the big snow storms of 19-plus inches in new york, where there would be people cross country skiing down park avenue, in the middle of new york city, some fun and amazing images. >> right.
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we weren't complaining here about it. we weren't complaining. remembering as a boy in new york, 10 or 12 major snow storms a year. the world has changed significantly. i can't say i miss it. >> all right. commissioner kelly, great did see you as always. appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you. >> we want to go to chief meteorologist chad meyers. chad, to ask you this basic question, as commissioner kelly was saying, the thought it could get significantly worse, whiteout conditions in new york. what's your prediction right now how bad it will get here and how long the storm will last overall? >> new york city is on the west side. on the almost over side of this storm. the real effect of this nor'easter is going to be boston, providence, nantucket, all the way out even into hartford, connecticut, and through all of connecticut proper. new york city may get another 4 inches of snow. what new york city got today was the presip that should have been or could have been snow. was a rain-snow mix. so it's mucky out there.
7:14 pm
shears slush in the streets. butt tonight after 9:00, 10:00, it's going to get below 32 and that's going to flash freeze. then it's going to snow, 3 to 4 inches, not much more, we're not seeing 20 inches. then 4 inches of snow on top of ice that you can't see. trying to walk around, big ruts, big things. there's going to be so much ice under that snow. that's the danger of new york city, i believe, right now. now, there is thunder snow happening in parts of connecticut and long island. that's how hard it is snowing. ali velshi is right there, in case you didn't understand where he was, on the bottom of the hook. here's boston. look at this blue area of snow right there. that's the heaviest snow about to approach boston. it's through providence, about to get to hartford, all the way down to all of the big cities right along the coast there of connecticut. that's where the heavy snow is right now. that blue area. let me show you what's going on for new york city. there's dry air coming in from the west.
7:15 pm
they're trying to push snow back up this way but it's not getting very far. there's that big snow out there. long island expressway's getting very heavy snow. if we get 3 to more more inches of wrap-around snow in new york city i think that's all we get. it doesn't paralyze new york city like it's going to paralyze boston, it's going to paralyze providence, hartford, these areas right through here. that's where it's going to snow another 12 here, 18 hours here. so just because there's a little bit more snow coming, the worst of it i believe is still well off the coast because that's where the low is. if you're closest to the low, that's boston, all the way through here, that's where the snow is going to be the heaviest. new york, wound up, they got prepared, that's great. there's still to be snow, it's still going to look pretty. i don't believe it's going to be a paralyzing event for new york city. a lot of your presip came down as that wet, rain-snow mix. that didn't pile up, erin. >> chad, thank you ve very much. as paralyzing as it may be in boston, i've got nieces and
7:16 pm
nephews up there, from a child's eyes very excited about finally getting a snow storm. we're going to be staying with the storm throughout the hours as we follow the conditions across the northeast. plus exclusive video for you "outfront" of the alleged cop killer currently still on the run in los angeles. this has some specific details about his training and his motivation. and what did cause the power to go out for 34 minutes during the super bowl? we finally have an answer for you. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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we are following the historic blizzard that is striking now 13 states across the northeast. you're looking at a live picture of boston which so far has been hit the hardest. this looks like it's going to go down as the biggest snowfall in boston history. on the other side of the country, the hunt is still on for the alleged cop killer, the manhunt. many people thought this would be resolved last night, they thought the fbi was closing in on him. but maybe not. not at this point. the irvine police department has just released two recent surveillance photos of christopher dorner. he of course is the 33-year-old former lapd officer who is alleged to have killed three people so far, including the daughter of a retired los angeles police department captain, and also killing a current lapd officer. dorner remains on the run tonight. he's considered armed and dangerous. courtly is a author of "s.e.a.l.
7:20 pm
survival guide, navy s.e.a.l. secrets to surviving any disaster." glad to have you back. last night we were talking, there was a belief that dorner was up in the resort area of big bear where his pickup truck had been found burning. they thought the fbi might be able to close in on him and find him. now they're saying the trail went cold. how far could he have gotten? >> this guy's 275 pounds, i used to train up there, it's extremely rugged, it's snowing. not very far on foot. this guy is either bunkered in in one of the homes up there or he's nowhere near that area, in my opinion. >> that's my question, do you think that it was a ruse, that he may not even be there? >> i personally do. there's no reason why he had gone through all this planning for this and then just decided to abandon his vehicle, light it on fire, and go off on foot. i think he knows being a former cop that as soon as he lit his truck on fire, it was going to have a major police response, and now we have over 100 law
7:21 pm
enforcement up there looking for him. and i don't think he's anywhere nearby. i think he got in another vehicle and he's gone. >> caibe, what are the chances e really disappears and there isn't a resolution to this where he is found, dead or alive, quickly? >> well, i mean, that would be unfortunate. i was hoping we wouldn't have to talk about this tonight. i think he is going to go back to familiar territory. so i think he's going to head back to the san diego area. and then i think he's going to go ahead and do what he did in the navy with that training, try and acquire a boat again, and knowing how harbor patrols, how coast guard would patrol, i think he'll go south to baja, based on his background and training. >> i'm curious what you think his motive is at this point. when we read the manifesto that he put out, the 11,000-word document, he talked about how he died the day he was released from the lapd years ago and everything in that manifesto indicates he's not going to live
7:22 pm
through this, he's done, he has no reason left to live, but now he's in hiding. what's more important to him right now, escaping and getting free or going back and killing people even if that means he gets killed himself? >> i can only think, based on the manifesto and just the ego of this guy, he doesn't want this to end. i think he wants to continue the ride on this thing. you know, i'm not a psychiatrist. but i really think based on everything we've learned about this guy, he is loving this. he's not done yet. but i think he's probably a little bit more toward the escape, the blaze of glory. i don't know. >> cabe, thank you, appreciate your taking the time. hopefully we'll find this man and get this resolved very quickly, if not tonight, over the weekend. coming up we have exclusive video of christopher dorner. this video gives you insight into how he was trained, literally. we have footage of him training on sharp shooting. more of our coverage of the historic blizzard right now striking the entire northeast of the united states. how much more snow will hit.
7:23 pm
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now some of the other key
7:27 pm
stories that we are watching tonight. the secret service is investigating the hacking and publishing of private e-mails belonging to members of the bush family. the e-mails include private photos of former president h.w. bush in the hospital. there were also some images of the artwork that were painted by former president george w. bush. now an "outfront" update on may la malala, shot in the head the taliban. we have really good news, malala has been released from the hospital. she became a target of the taliban after speaking out for girls' rights to education. now an answer to the burning question that has been lighting up our lives all week, the lack of light at the super bowl for 34 minutes. we have an answer as to why. it turns out entergy who provides power to new orleans
7:28 pm
said a device that was specifically used to prevent power failure, well, failed. they say the device worked absolutely fine during other major events leading up to the super bowl, including the sugar bowl. the device has since been removed. now it's going down in flames. condoleezza rice has come out swinging at a pga tour event in pebble beach, california. according to yahoo! sports the former secretary of state took a bad swing and shanked the ball 50 yards into a crowd of spectators. the ball reportedly hit a woman in the forehead, causing concussion-like symptoms. rice of course reportedly apologized. still to come, more coverage of the monster snow storm striking the northeastern part of this country. how many inches of snow will fall when all is said and done tomorrow morning? exclusive video here "outfront." information about the suspected cop killer on the run around los angeles. we have video of him that you won't see anywhere else. great d, even if it's not with us.
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pack to our top story, the historic blizzard which is striking the northeast. about 13 states in the united states being hit by the strongest bands right now are actually closing in on new york
7:33 pm
city and primarily in boston. that's where we're expecting to see an accumulation rate of about 3 inches an hour, which is pretty incredible to contemplate. ground zero for the storm is greater boston. there are 4.5 million people who live there. by the time the last flakes of snow fall tonight, boston could be buried under nearly 30 inches of snow. now the state's governor issued a state of emergency. he's banned all cars from the roads and, we're not joking, anyone who defies that juttive order could face a year in jail and a fine of $500. "outfront," jason carroll live in boston, ali velshi along the coast of massachusetts. jason, people hear that cars have been banned, you could face a year in jail, they think, this must be pretty incredible, pretty scary. how has it been? >> i have to tell you, people seem to be heeding that warning and staying off roads. since we've been in this neighborhood of south boston we have not seen any passenger
7:34 pm
vehicles or very little passenger vehicles out on the road. what we did see, a short while ago, take a look at this driveway over here. we're parked at a church. inside a church parking lot that's buried in snow, just a little while ago, a tow truck actually tried to come in, tried to make his way up this driveway. he got stuck here for a little while rehe tried to make it out, gave up, decided he'd be better off not doing that. that gives you an idea of the conditions we've been facing out here through the past several hours. the conditions have steadily gotten worse. people have been staying off the roads but that doesn't mean they've stayed indoors. joining me right now, i've got katie, i've got sean, i've got jared. they were basically staying inside but now you decided to go to a friend's house, get a little bit more food as we battle that icy, windy snow that's out here right now. you guys are brave. i'm paid on be out here but when you're hungry you'll go just about anywhere.
7:35 pm
how are you holding up? >> good. layer up, try to keep warm. watch out for the frigging snow. >> hopefully your friend doesn't live too far away? >> no, just around the corner. that's how we managed to get over. trekked it. >> how do you think the city has responded, the state has responded so far to the blizzard? >> i think appropriately so far. i think it's a good idea to keep people off the streets. walkers only at this point, really. >> walkers, that's a good term. >> like us. >> i certainly don't want to keep you guys out here in these conditions for very long. go to your friend's house, get your food, thanks very much. as you can see, conditions here steadily getting worse as this blinding blizzard-like conditions, wind, icy snow, continues to blow. as a blizzard barrels down on boston. erin? >> all right, jason, thank you. now let's go to ali velshi in dennisport, massachusetts, along the coast. standing where you are, big concern is wind gusts. and the ocean. that you could have flooding.
7:36 pm
are you seeing any of that yet? >> let me tell you, two parts of it, first of all the ocean is 20 feet from me right now. so we are two hours from high tide. where i am is where high tide would normally reach. when we're going to get alarmed is if high tide reaches further in. two hours from now, it's probably a little early for the worst of the storm to be hitting us. that's good news. because if it's two hours after high tide that the worst of the storm hits we may feel less of a surge. bottom line is we are, you know, all the way up through massachusetts, down through new york, we are in a severe coastal flooding zone right now. so that is a serious concern. what jason's getting is what i had awhile ago. i've got that biting snow right now. but we do have gusts. so if you know where i am, dennisport, cape cod. i'm halfway across the bottom part, the south part of cape cod. that's the south over there. over that way, east about 30 miles, is chatham, new
7:37 pm
hampshire, where they are reporting gusts of about 55 miles per hour. over here, we're very close to hyannis. hyannis airport reporting gusting of 47-mile-per-hours. those are not hurricane-force winds, which are sustained winds 75 miles an hour or more to be a hurricane. when you combine probably 30-mile-an-hour winds with gusts up to 50, and biting, icy snow, what you're doing is you're gathering accumulation on the top of trees and power lines and things like that, which then with added weight tap bell, bringing down power. we're seeing flickering lights. we've got gusts. we've got potential storm surge. you can see the water breaking a little bit. that's what we're looking at right now. the next fee hours are going to be serious to see how all this pans out, certainly from 10:00 eastern probably through the early part of the night. we are seeing increasing gusting. jason is seeing a lot more of that right now. that's the situation here. the good news, probably about
7:38 pm
250,000 people on cape cod generally speaking in the winter. many of those might have left. did you live here in the winter you're probably a hardy new englander and you've seen bad weather before, you're probably at home. it is massachusetts. there's no driving allowed tonight in massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut if you're not an official vehicle. most folks are home not walking around. i haven't seen a human around here for hours, i'll tell you that. >> trying to stay safe, thanks very much. a state of emergency with nobody driving in a few of the states of new england. also a state of emergency in rhode island. there are 2 feet expected to fall there. cars and no trucks, cars and trucks no match for blizzard cans. i-95, the main thoroughfare of the east coast of the united states, that scene is being repeated across the northeast. i want to bring in angel taveras, the mayor of providence, rhode island. up to 2 feet of snow, people aren't supposed to be out driving, only emergency vehicles.
7:39 pm
is the city, your city, totally prepared, ready for this? >> we're doing the best that we can, erin. one of the things that we've done is make sure to get the information out to everyone, let them know that it's a time to really be home, to be with your family, to give us an opportunity to really be on the roads trying to clear the roads. the snow is coming down, it's coming down pretty fast as you can see. and we've got a lot of work to do the next 24 hours. so we're asking everyone to please stay off the roads, let us do our job. fortunately we have a lot of good people out there tonight working. we're going to work throughout the night. >> mayor, i know one of the things that hurricane sandy which obviously affected your state as well as much of the mid-atlantic was power outages. i know now a lot of the snow that's coming down where you are, it's heavy, wet snow, the kind of snow that could bring down power lines. are you worried about mass power outages? >> that's actually a huge concern that we have, especially during the wintertime where we're concerned about people heating their homes. this heavy snow on the branches
7:40 pm
and the winds that we expect to be very strong, that's something that we're very concerned about, that that's going to bring down power lines and we're making sure to respond as quickly as possible. right now we have about 60 homes in the city of providence without power, we're doing everything we can to get them back up. it as concern that we have. we're going to do everything we can to get everyone back up as quickly as possible. >> do you think you're going to need federal assistance? i ask that question obviously given what we all are aware of, which is the extreme difficulty that the mid-atlantic, new york, and new jersey had in obtaining money from the federal government after hurricane sandy. >> well, i certainly hope we don't need federal assistance, but we have an outstanding federal delegation here in our state. and i've been in contact with them. i know that the governor has as well. so we've got good people here. but i hope that doesn't rise to that level. we'll do everything we have to do to make sure that the city is clean and that people can go about their business as soon as
7:41 pm
possible. but hopefully it won't require federal assistance. >> mayor taveras, thanks. still to come, we have just obtained an exclusive video of suspected cop killer christopher dorner. according to new york city mayor michael bloomberg and a whole lot of other people it costs taxpayers about $1 million to clean 1 inch of snow. so we investigated. does it add up? it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks will talk to scientists about climate change. cars will talk to road sensors will talk to stoplights about traffic efficiency. the ambulance will talk to patient records will talk to doctors about saving lives.
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all right, the storm obviously is continuing in the northeast. right now you're looking at a picture of boston. the video that you're seeing is live and it's being shot out of the side of a vehicle in boston. that's a cnn vehicle. as we've been telling you, cars have been banned from the streets of boston since 4:00 this afternoon. you have to pay a fine of $500 or go to jail for a year if you're driving. the cnn vehicle is allowed to be there but we want to explain what you're seeing. obviously you're seeing people building a snow man. along with the paralyzing effects of the note will come joy for a whole lot of people, including children. overall in boston, which is ground zero for this storm, we are expecting up to 30 inches of snow which would put it as the single greatest snowfall for
7:46 pm
boston, massachusetts, in its history. and as the peak of the storm hits which will be over the next few hours, we are anticipating snowfall could max out at 3 inches an hour, which is a pretty stunning number in terms of the accumulation we're watching. we're going to be covering, coming back to the story in just a moment. i want to give you an update on the manhunt going on in los angeles and some exclusive and breaking news we have for you. the suspected cop killer is vowing revenge on the lapd. we have obtained exclusive video of the 33-year-old, christopher jordan dorner, former lapd officer accused of killing three people. the video we are about to show you shows dorner when he was an lapd training cadet. you're going to see him training. this gives you a glimpse of who this man really is. "outfront" with this exclusive report. >> reporter: christopher dorner, lapd ka pet det, in 2005. >> what do you think watching this?
7:47 pm
considering what's happened? >> well, he's an expert with weapons, definitely. he's definitely dangerous. >> reporter: this man spent months with dorner at the lapd training academy. we are altering his voice and not showing his face because he fears dorner will go after his police friends. but he wants the public to see this so people understand what the lapd is facing. >> you look at chris, you can see he's a little bit of an expert. watch, he'll shoot, you -- almost no movement when he shoots the gun, and pop, nothing. >> he stood out? >> yeah, he stood out. he knew what he was doing. lapd, they're going to be going after one of their own former, and he knows, like i say, he knows what he's doing. he knows how to use everything. >> being a cop, do you think that it was -- could you tell that it was important to him? >> yeah, i think it was very important to him. yeah. >> you could see it? >> yeah. >> even during the training?
7:48 pm
>> yeah. it's a 300-pound dummy and he does that easily. >> this is a very strong man? >> yeah. >> reporter: not everything was easy for dorner, the aspiring police officer. this man says he witnessed drill instructors picking on him for his weight and slow running. >> when i hear about how angry he is about the lapd, i think that fits, to my experience, with him. i could kind of, you know -- that matches up when he says things about lapd, matches up to the way i think he had his experience through the lapd, especially the academy. >> reporter: this man never spoke to dorner but he never forgot the cadet. >> your thought was, this man represents power and -- >> yeah, exactly. i wanted to show -- when i was going to use it i wanted to show, put music, show the lapd is powerful, look at this powerful man handling this gun. >> is it frightening to think lapd is now facing this man? >> yeah, yeah. i mean, this guy is no joke. >> reporter: and one police are taking very seriously.
7:49 pm
cnn, los angeles. now i want to bring in jim clemente, spent 22 years at fbi, 12 as a criminal profiler, "outfront" tonight. you've had a chance to watch that video of dorner training, learning how to shoot. you heard how the man there, we had to distort his information, how he reacted. what do you think? have what does this show you how capable he is as a killer, as a shooter? >> i think any lapd officer is going to be capable. certainly, they would not pass him if he didn't have that minimal level of capability. but nothing in those videos actually showed any extreme expertise. there's a little bit of intensity. i mean, he certainly was focused on his mission, which most lapd officers should be. but, you know, he may have been a little over the top that way. but again, there's nothing extraordinary about that. and even in his money confess toe, he listed himself as a marksman, which as far as i know, that's one of the lowest
7:50 pm
competency levels. you have to at least be a marksman to pass. so i don't think that's anything extraordinary. but it's also consistent with his personality, that he would blow it out of >> right, well, a marksman on the rifle, i believe. on the .9 millimeter, an expert, slightly higher. no matter what those are, they would not be of the level of a navy s.e.a.l. or a sniper, correct? >> no, they wouldn't. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your taking the time. so as the snow picks up here where i am in new york, there is a monetary, a money story about snowfalls like this. snow plows, drivers, salt trucks. 250 tons of salt here in new york. and you know what, it doesn't come cheap. the truth is to cleep up the white stuff in new york city, you need a heck of a lot of the green stuff. but just how much money does it cost? that brings me to tonight's
7:51 pm
number, $1 million. that's how much they say it costs the city of new york to clean up each inch of snow. a million an inch. who are they, exactly? the truth is nobody seems to know. this was new york mayor bloomberg yesterday. >> there's an old rule that it costs a million dollars an inch. number one, that was made up by somebody who just needed to answer a question like yours, probably. >> all right, so mayor bloomberg says he doesn't know where it came from. he also doesn't seem to think there's any truth to it, so why is he saying it? maybe because for the past ten years the news media has reported as a matter of fact that it costs $1 million for each inch of snow in new york city, and they almost never cite a source when they put that in the article. the only time a source was cited, the source was new york city mayor michael bloomberg, the same man who said he didn't know where the quote came from and it was made up.
7:52 pm
and he seems to be the one perpetuating the rumor the most. here's the mayor in a snow storm in 2005. >> last year, we spent roughly $40 million on snow removal and had 38 inches of snow. so the rule of thumb of a million dollars an inch is probably a good one. >> all right, so there you have it. according to the mayor, the city did some simple math using numbers from 2004 and came up with this number. a million dollars an inch. why isn't he sticking with it now? maybe because he started using the $1 million number before that particular snow storm. here's mayor michael bloomberg in 2003. >> we've always used a million dollars an inch as a good rule. >> you know what? he has always used it as a good rule. here's the mayor in 2002 the year he took office. >> the number that is always bantered about is a million dollars an inch. it's as good a number as you can
7:53 pm
find. >> it's as good a number as you can find. now, to date, we wanted to find out where it came from, so we contacted both the mayor's office and the new york city office of transportation. they could not agree on where the number came from either. we can only assume it was made up. that's a good thing. because it would mean one of two things, either snow plow drivers haven't gotten a raise in a decade, or they have no idea what they're doing with the tax dollars. i guess when the mayor said it was made up by somebody who needed an answer to a question, he was talking about himself. we're going to take a brief break. we'll talk about the storm path and how much accumulation we'll get. we'll go to our weather center in just a moment. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
7:54 pm
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all right, we're back along with our chief meteorologist chad myers. right now, you're looking at a live picture of boston as i mentioned a few moments ago, this is actually our video right out of a car we're driving slowly through the streets of
7:58 pm
boston. right now, you can see someone with a snow blower. probably a little bit of a futile effort right now given what's happening, but we expect the worst of the storm to hit in boston in the next several hours. jason carroll has been reporting there. chad, what is the latest and where is the center of the storm actually? >> just south of the hamptons by about 150 miles. it's going to travel to the northeast, and it's going to miss cape cod, the southern point there, and then head out to sea. what we're waiting for is the wrap-around snow to get back to new york city because right now you're not seeing very much. parts of new york have seen quite a bit, 10 inches in ogdensburg, and also johnson, 10 inches. what is still to come? for the next 72 hours, the bulk of the snow is east of new york city. everywhere you see pink through here, that's a foot of snow or more, and the purple is 20 to 30 inches of snow. that's from portland, maine, to boston, to providence, that's
7:59 pm
still to come. you already have 6 on the ground. there's plus 20. that's still a good snowfall. albany, you'll see about 6 to 10 more. down toward new york city, it appears you're almost in this dry area where there will be 8 to your north, 4 to your south, but not a lot more to come still in the city compares to what is on long island, over a foot still to come here. and this is the danger zone, just snowing everywhere out here. it's coming down in buckets because at the low comes through here, its closest position is going to be to boston, not new york city. that's why snow is not going to be as heavy in the city as in boston because the low is much closer there. then by tomorrow afternoon, literally, this thing is gone. saturday, 4:00, 5:00, the snow is completely over. only the wind is left. erin. >> what's the bottom line? there have been competing models. someone said the european model said we would be getting historic snow. the u.s. model, no. bottom line, who wins? >> you have to get back to me tomorrow. it's not done yet.

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